It’s not the end, but just the beginning!

 Hello everyone!

On Friday our team presented our work to our peers at the University of Sheffield.  Our project was one of 14 being worked on by groups of masters students from the Sheffield School of Architecture and we had a great time seeing what all the other teams have been up to.  If you are interested you can find out more here:

I would highly recommend any organisation to get involved in the University’s live projects scheme as it is a great way for us students to learn, and a great way to help push a real world project forward.


Going back to Friday; it was a really good day and the whole team was really pleased with how the presentation went.  I speak for the team in saying thank you to Dave, Olivia, Rhys and Ross for their hard work in producing such an clear, well thought out and exciting presentation!  I am sure they reciprocate those thanks to the rest of the team on their hard work on producing all of the documents/reports/models for the project.  We will hopefully post some of our actual work up soon, including a recording of our presentation in it’s entirety so anyone who couldn’t make it will get a chance to see what it is we have been up to.


photo credits: Chris Jones

It really has been a great project, and we have had a great amount of fun doing it; we could not have asked for a more challenging yet exciting project!  It has been great meeting so many people throughout the 6 weeks, and we would like to the thank those from the Heritage Railway and the DVLP who came along to the presentation as well.

Lastly we would like to thank Glen, Christine and Steve for their continued support throughout the project, and for being such great clients!  If we have managed to express even a small proportion of their enthusiasm within our final work then I am confident that this project will have a bright future!

Although this is officially the end of our team involvement in the project I know that every one of us feels a great connection with the site and the project, and we will definitely be keeping in touch, after all this is not the end but just the beginning!

Sam Diston



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